Build Log Hooks package

class rebasehelper.plugins.build_log_hooks.BaseBuildLogHook[source]

Base class for a build log hook.

CATEGORIES: List[PackageCategory | None] = []
classmethod format(data)[source]

Formats build log hook output to a readable text form.

classmethod merge_two_results(old, new)[source]
classmethod run(spec_file, rebase_spec_file, results_dir, **kwargs)[source]

Runs the build log hook.


The first element is a dict containing changes, the second is a bool whether the build process should be restarted.

Return type:


class rebasehelper.plugins.build_log_hooks.BuildLogHookCollection(entrypoint: str, manager: PluginManager)[source]
run(spec_file, rebase_spec_file, non_interactive, force_build_log_hooks, **kwargs)[source]

Runs all non-blacklisted build log hooks.

  • spec_file (rebasehelper.specfile.SpecFile) – Original SpecFile object.

  • rebase_spec_file (rebasehelper.specfile.SpecFile) – Rebased SpecFile object.

  • non_interactive (bool) – Whether rebase-helper is in non-interactive mode.

  • force_build_log_hooks (bool) – Whether to run the hooks even in non-interactive mode.

  • kwargs (dict) – Keyword arguments from instance of Application.


Whether build log hooks made some changes to the SPEC file.

Return type: