Output Tools package

class rebasehelper.plugins.output_tools.BaseOutputTool[source]

Base class for an output tool

DEFAULT: bool = False
EXTENSION: str = ''
classmethod get_report_path(app)[source]
classmethod prepend_results_dir_name(app, *path_members)[source]

Prepends a path with path to rebase-helper-results.

Takes directory changes (such as cd into cloned repo with –bugzilla-id) into account.

  • app – Application instance.

  • path_members – Path members to prepend the results dir to.


Prepended path.

classmethod print_cli_summary(app)[source]

Outputs a summary of a rebase-helper run.


app – Application instance.

classmethod print_important_checkers_output()[source]

Iterates over all checkers output to highlight important checkers warning

classmethod print_patches_cli()[source]

Outputs info about patches

classmethod print_patches_section_cli(logger_method, patch_type)[source]

Outputs information about one of the patch types.

  • logger_method – Method to use for logging

  • patch_type – A key to use for filtering patch dictionary obtained from results_store.

classmethod print_report_file_path(app)[source]

Outputs path to the report file

classmethod run(logs, app)[source]
class rebasehelper.plugins.output_tools.OutputToolCollection(entrypoint: str, manager: PluginManager)[source]

Class representing the process of running various output tools.

run(tool, logs=None, app=None)[source]

Runs specified output tool.