Ouptut tool module

class rebasehelper.output_tool.BaseOutputTool[source]

Base class for OutputTools. print_cli_summary must be overridden in order to produce different CLI output

NAME = 'name'
static get_default_tool()[source]

Returns default output tool

classmethod get_extension()[source]
classmethod get_name()[source]
classmethod get_report_path(app)[source]
static get_supported_tools()[source]

Returns list of supported output tools

classmethod match(cmd=None)[source]

Checks if tool name matches the desired one.

classmethod print_cli_summary(app)[source]

Print report of the rebase

Parameters:app – Application instance
classmethod print_patches_cli()[source]

Print info about patches

classmethod print_patches_section_cli(color, patch_type)[source]

Print info about one of the patches key section

  • color – color used for the message printing
  • patch_type – string containing key for the patch_dict
classmethod print_report_file_path()[source]

Print path to the report file

classmethod run()[source]
class rebasehelper.output_tool.OutputToolRunner[source]

Class representing the process of running various output tools.

run_output_tools(logs=None, app=None)[source]

Runs all output tools.

  • log – Log that probably contains the important message concerning the rebase fail
  • app – Application class instance