Versioneers package

class rebasehelper.plugins.versioneers.BaseVersioneer[source]

Base class for a versioneer

classmethod run(package_name)[source]

Runs a versioneer.

Parameters:package_name – Name of a package
Returns:Latest upstream version of a package
class rebasehelper.plugins.versioneers.VersioneerCollection(entrypoint: str, manager: PluginManager)[source]
run(versioneer, package_name, category, versioneer_blacklist=None)[source]

Runs the specified versioneer or all versioneers subsequently until one of them succeeds.

  • versioneer (str) – Name of a versioneer.
  • package_name (str) – Name of a package.
  • category (str) – Package category.
  • versioneer_blacklist (list) – List of versioneers that will be skipped.

Latest upstream version of a package.

Return type: